The Kaiso Legacy Programme

The Programme

The Kaiso Legacy Programme is a Practical Music Programme that engages musicians in the study and performance of Kaiso.

2024 Workshops and Dates
I. Improvisation in Kaiso

Led by Natasha Joseph, this workshop focuses on improvising over common Kaiso chord progressions using phrases specific to Kaiso.
Saturday 15th June, 1pm - 4pm

II. Drumming for Kaiso
Learn to play Afro Trinidadian drum patterns that are considered foundation rhythms for Kaiso on traditional Afro-Trinidadian skin drums. Led by Gary Haywood
Saturday 25th May, 12pm-4pm.

III. Steelpan Performance Technique
This session explores Steelpan performance; sticks, instruments, three and four stick technique, arranging for solo performance and other factors that impact the sound and content of presentations on the Steelpan.  Led by Kyle Noel.
Saturday 15th June 4pm - 6pm

The Instructors:

The Director and instructor assigned to keys/piano

Chantal Esdelle holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Berklee College of Music, Boston Massachusetts and a Master of Arts Degree in Ethnomusicology from the York University Toronto Ontario. Chantal has held the piano/keyboard seat under kaiso band leaders, Fortunia Señor Ruiz and his Ruiz Brothers, Wayne Bruno and his Rapid Response and Andre Tanker’s One World Contraband. She is a longstanding member of Desperadoes Steel Orchestra for whom she has both arranged and played. She leads her own ensemble Chantal Esdelle and Moyenne which performs music that is rooted in kaiso and features the Steelpan as the lead instrument. Moyenne has recorded albums and served as the house band for presentations by both the Mighty Sparrow and the Black Stalin. Esdelle is also a past Pan is Beautiful Steelpan Music Festival solo Champion.

Douglas Redon instructor assigned to bass
Douglas Redon is one of the leading musicians in Trinidad and Tobago. Redon is a foundation member of the famed Phase II pan groove. A skilled pannist who has arranged for several steel bands including Harvard Harps, Woodbrook Moderneers and Scherzando, Redon is also an exceptional bass player. He served as bassist for Trinidadian treasure Andre Tanker from 1985-2003, has been the resident bassist for the number one pannist and arranger in Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Len Boogsie Sharpe, for more than three decades and also spent a decade as resident bassist for Clive Zanda, one of the icons of kaiso jazz. Redon has honoured Moyenne with his presence on the bass since 2003.

Natasha Joseph instructor assigned to Steelpan
Natasha Joseph hold a Bachelor of Arts, Music Degree from the University of the West Indies. This gifted musician took up her first drill master position one year after joining her first steelband, Potential Symphony. Soon after she joined the then popular Panazz Players and toured extensively with the group leading to her recognition as one of the leading pannists in Trinidad and Tobago. She has shared the stage with Len Boogsie Sharpe, The Mighty Sparrow, Black Stalin, Ken Professor Philmore, Elan Parle, Chantal Esdelle and Moyenne, Michael Boothman, Clive Zanda, Raf Robertson, Arturo Tappin, Joe Baione, Kim Waters, Jeremy Ledbetter, Alexis Baro, Charlie Sepulveda, Fidel Morales and Gabriel Rodriguez. Natasha served as drill master for Phase II pan groove for several years leading them to victory in 2013 and 2014 and second place in 2015. Natasha serves as the arranger for Platinum Steel Orchestra an all female band.

Gary Haywood assigned to African Drum
Gary Haywood was born into a family of drummers and cultural practitioners in Laventille, a community recognised for the highest level of Afro-Trinidadian music, dance and steelpan practice in Trinidad and Tobago. At birth he was gifted with a drum and has received drumming as his calling. He serves as lead drummer in the Northwest Laventille Cultural Movement, is a member of Desperadoes steel orchestra and a perpetual presence in the local drum scape drumming for, seriously, all kaiso events and all noted calypsonians. His most recent international contract has been with the Universal Circus.

Richard Joseph assigned to drums
Richard Joseph is most recognised for his tenure as drummer for the famed Panazz Players of Trinidad and Tobago and for his long and dedicated stint as resident drummer for kaiso jazz icon Clive Zanda. Richard is also the resident drummer for Trinidadian group Elan Parlé. As one who hails from the culturally rich Port of Spain suburb of Belmont (Free Town) he brings an orally transmitted understanding of Kaiso music and performance.

Kyle Noel
Kyle Noel is a versatile musician skilled in drums, percussion and Steelpan playing.  Renowned for his mastery of the four stick technique Kyle’s musical journey spans over 225 years.  His collaborations with globally acclaimed musicians like Len Boogsie Sharpe, Carlton Zanda Alexander, Raf Robertson and the maestro Earl Rodney have significantly impacted his style and approach to Steelpan playing.

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